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Monitored Smoke - Heat - Pre-Freeze Detector


When you are concerned for your home and family about the risk of Smoke or Fire,
then consider using one of our Smoke and Heat Detectors.
We recommend that you have one of these on the wall or ceiling outside your bedrooms. The devices are fully monitored, so the alarm will sound if the detector is exposed to a significant rise in temperature or smoke levels.
(You would not use these in areas that are likely to generate smoke or heat such as the kitchen!)
The device can also alert if the tempereture heads towards freezing (Pre-Freeze detection).
And of course, with Total Connect 2.0, you can be alerted by email or text message when the device is triggered.


  • Smoke Detector: For cold, slow burning, smokey fires.
  • Heat Detector: 135 degrees - For Hot Flaming Smokeless Fire.
  • Pre-Freeze Detector: 41 Degrees and lower.
  • Includes Fully Supervised Replaceable Battery.
  • Estimated Battery Life is 3 years.
  • Dimensions: 5.3" Diameter, 2.3" height
Suggested Placement: On Ceiling in or just outside Sleeping Areas
This provides added protection as a Property Saving Device and should not replace existing Smoke Detectors. With a Monitored Property Saving Device, you should check with your Homeowners Insurance for additional Discounts.

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